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Crush the boundaries



The concept of 6 degrees of separation has fascinated people
for nearly a century.
Anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of connection that has no more than 5 intermediaries.
This is a fact, verified by hard scientific data and there is no tool to enlighten this crazy idea that we all belong to each other.
So we decided to create one


Popcore is Free... For ever



We will go right to the point:
Our World is closing, is divided

Our social networks are no longer part of the solution but the problem
They are heavy, they are slow, they format us in closed communities
The race for the audience aspires our lives

The time has come to crush those boundaries!

We want a new vision
We want speed and movement
We want to build all possible links, instantly

Radically open, we all belong to each other
We are the new version of the World
We are the Multitude

To those nostalgic of the established order
We respond with boldness,
Because only those who dare, truly live

Crush the



What is popcore

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